How to look for and pick a roofing contractor online and general things to know.

How to Find Local Roofing Contractors Online

How to Find Local Roofing Contractors Online

Picking a roofing contractor can sometime seem a daunting task, but if you know where to look will actually take out some of the guess work.  If your like me you do not have enough time to just call all the local roofing company’s in the phone book and then have to go through all there pitches and call all there references.  Doing your research for a roofer online will help filter out some of your fly by night roofing companies.  Now, a roofer’s website is nice for general information but you’re not going to see unfiltered reviews.  So, you will want to look at online roofing directories and other review sites.

Roofing directories help find local roofers with a general description of there business and if it is a good directory they will have a spot for reviews and pictures of completed work.  Roofing reviews are left by previous customer and are your window into roofing contractors work.  Do not just look at one listing with one review and make your decision, look at some of the other roofing directories to see what other customers left elsewhere too.  On this page you will find links to roofers and or roofing directories.  To name a few you might see is elocalroofers, yellow pages/roofingcontractors, servicemagic/roofing, 1800contractor, roofingnetwork these are a good source to find a good contractor and/or information about roofers

Now last place is websites that are almost pure customer based.  I consider them pure review sites like judysbook, angieslist, and yelp.  These sites are a good source of reviews from past roofing clients.  Also, if you do a “roofing contractor” + “your location” search on Google, yahoo or Bing, you will find a list of your local roofers but be sure to look for reviews.  I should mention BBB (better business bureau) there business will report bad reviews on any roofer no matter if they apart of BBB or not, but it does not allow any positive reviews for any roofer at anytime.


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